Job Log contains "Execution NUMLANC unknown in the history file"
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Job Log contains "Execution NUMLANC unknown in the history file"


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Systematically, when launching Jobs to a Logical Queue which points to a Physical Queue of a Remote Node, the following message appears in the Job Log:

Execution X unknown in the history file
L'execution X est inconnue dans l'historique 

Nevertheless, the execution Completes correctly.

The variable U_HISTORIC has been set in values.xml to the value N in one node.


At least two Dollar Universe 6 nodes involved with Logical Queue pointing to a remote Physical Queue


Configuration issue: variable U_HISTORIC not aligned in both nodes ( submission and execution node), this can be checked in values.xml.


Align the value of the variable U_HISTORIC between all the involved nodes, either to set it to Y ( history trace available) or to N (  history trace not available).

To do so, via UVC go to Node settings - Advanced Settings and check the value of the variable

History trace feature for all executions:   Yes (default) 

from all involved nodes declared in the Logical Queue.

Set this variable to the same value on all the nodes (Yes o No).

After the modification is done, save and close and restart the nodes where the modification has been performed.
The message will no longer appear in Job Log.