multiple spectrum servers multi tenant integration with UIM


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  • We have 2 customers each of whom uses spectrum and we need to integrate both of these into our UIM implementation using multi tenant setup to separate each customers data.


  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management¬†8.51 or later
  • CA Spectrum 10.2.2 or later
  • spectrumgtw probe 8.64 or later


The spectrum gateway probe supports Multi-Tenant mapping as of probe version 8.64.

You can map your CA UIM origins to multiple landscapes within your CA Spectrum environment. You can then map each landscape to an origin in your CA UIM environment

The probe retrieves the list of origins in your CA UIM environment. You can now map your CA UIM origins to CA Spectrum landscapes, which helps in modeling the inventory belonging to a specific origin in the mapped landscape.

Note: Once you start configuring the Multi_tenant mapping the spectrumgtw probe pauses/does not process alarm synchronization jobs untill you have completed configuring the origin to landscape mapping.

follow the 4 steps below to configure the multi-tenant mapping in UIM.
  1. Setup a Distributed SpectroServer Environment
  2. configure spectrumgtw probe to connect to MLS
  3. Enable multi-tenant origins in spectrumgtw probe
  4. Map Spectrum landscapes to specific UIM Origins