Unable to use gmu migrateOut -all -format directory with OTK installed


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


When user tries to export all of  his configuration from a SSG 9.2.00 gateway with OTK 4.1 installed, the following error is observed:
Execution failed. Reason: No bean named 'SCHEDULED_TASKBeanTypeEntityResource' is defined
If user removes  the '-format directory' argument passed into gmu, it works.  However, user is tracking all configurations in git and it's important that the exported formatted is not a single file but multiple folders/files. Here is the command used by user:
java -jar gmu/GatewayMigrationUtility.jar migrateOut \
-all \
-format directory \
-defaultAction NewOrUpdate \
-z ~/Documents/api-gateway-config/connection-dev.properties \
-d ~/Documents/export-temp


Component: APIGTW


- Usual cause for 'No bean named ...' is defined' is wrong IP/FQDN or mappings or encrypted password issues.
- In this specific case, changing format from flat file to directory is causing it, so GMU itself is root cause.
- User was using an older version of GMU, shipped with SSG 9.2.00. Upgrading to GMU 1.5 resolved the issue.