Configuring XCOM for z/OS for a managed PKI infrastructure
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Configuring XCOM for z/OS for a managed PKI infrastructure


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


Migrating  XCOM for z/OS 12.0 certificates to mainframe security from its current configuration in local USS datasets. 



System SSL

XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


Top Secret



You may use self-signed certificates or those supplied by a Certificate Authority. 

They can be stored in a keyring that is maintained by CA ACF2, IBM RACF or CA Top Secret. The XCOM server or batch job must run with authority to use the appropriate KEYRING to which the certificates have been loaded. In this case, the required KEYRING is referenced in the [KEYRING] section in the configssl.cnf member. If a certificate other than the default is to be used, specify the certificate label in the configssl.cnf section [LABLCERT]. 

Please see: Configure the System SSL Configuration File in the XCOM Data Transport for z/OS - 12.0 online documentation.  This includes the keyring parameters.

The requirement is (and has always been) that the root certificate (cassl.pem and casslkey.pem files) are the same on both partners. 

Regarding a managed PKI infrastructure, the way certificate handling works today, you MUST have your certificates either
1) in local USS datasets or
2) in your security package's keyring handler. 

Making calls to retrieve certificates is not a function of XCOM. Locating and loading of certificates is done by either OpenSSL or IBM's System SSL - depending on which you are using. 

That said, there is no ability nor configuration for XCOM to use certificates in any manner other than what is currently documented. 

Additional Information

  • For Top Secret, see Digital Certificates in the Top Secret® for z/OS 16.0 documentation
  • For ACF2, see Digital Certificate Support in the ACF2™ for z/OS 16.0 documentation
  • For IBM RACF, see IBM's z/OS Security Server RACF Security Administrator's Guide.

Documentation for CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS 12.0 Click here if you need to open a Broadcom Support Case.