Converting Accented Characters to Regular Characters in PX
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Converting Accented Characters to Regular Characters in PX


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How can accents be stripped and special chars while generating the username via bulk load task?


Release: CAIDMB99000-14.0-Identity Manager-B to B


This can be done in Two ways: either through a BLTH or a Policy Xpress Policy:

Write a BLTH java class to replace accented characters. Invoke a BLTH on handleValidationBeforeSubmission or handleValidation. It allows the user to do the replacement before task is submitted as well as access the replaced string in PX.

Sample BLTH java class can be found in the IM tools folder. 

Policy Xpress Policy:

Use the following functionality:
Open Policy Xpress Policy, under Data -> Category: General -> Type:String Parser -> Function: Replace All

For example, suppose Original String is: testãã

In the Sub-String to be Replaced field, enter ã

In the Replace with field, enter a

Click Replace

The new value should output as "testaa"

This can be done for various other accents as desired.