How to implement Multi-MIB table vendor certification in CA Performance Management (CAPM)


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Vendor certifications can be customised by editing them to change behavior.

For example, if it is required to modify the Cisco CPU (Revised) vendor certification to include the CPU description. Looking for a MVEL function to map the primary index to a value in another MIB table. The index isn't the same in both tables.


The result of a GET on the primary index maps to the index in a secondary table. I.e: Primary Table (index 66 & 82)

  • = INTEGER: 38557239

  • = INTEGER: 56744940 Secondary Table (index 38557239 and 56744940, same as values retrieved from primary table)

  • = STRING: "module 0/RSP0/CPU0

  • = STRING: "module 0/RSP1/CPU0" 


CAPM 3.x


Editing or creating custom extensions is beyond the scope of support.

HCL Services (Formerly CA Services) is available to assist with customization.

Additional Information

Broadcom TechDocs : CAPM 3.7 - Create or Extend Vendor Certifications