Some Screens / panels rendered incorrectly
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Some Screens / panels rendered incorrectly


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Output Management Document Viewer Output Management Web Viewer


Experiencing problems since implementing an external security exit. Some screens not rendered correctly, empty placeholders where images should be. Panels are not formatted correctly.


Component: WBVLUW


The problem was caused by an improper implementation of the external security exit. Web Viewer JAR files were erroneously copied from the Webif/Lib folder to the external security folder. This is the point where the application panels, formatting problems began. 

Additional Information

JAR files were copied to the external security folder from the Webinf/Lib folder. Tomcat didn't like this - rather, no Tomcat application worked correctly. Apparently, when WCOM comes up, it can't find what it should. 
SE had the customer delete the JAR files from the External Security folder. The customer was then able to log into Web Viewer using the Admin User account..