What does EOS (End Of Support) really mean.
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What does EOS (End Of Support) really mean.


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What does EOS (End Of Support) really mean for any Broadcom product.


Component: ITSM


Basically what it means is: 

  • There will be no level 1 technical support (what a customer currently get via assisted cases/tickets) available. Once a product reaches EOS, it is self-service only. Meaning you search online to find available answers/solutions (e.g. in our knowledge base, community posts etc) and use that channel to address whatever is not working or any 'how to' related help that maybe needed. 
  • This also means, our sustain engineering and development team(s) will not write any new code fixes or enhancements to the source code once it reaches EOS. All work will be done on an active code line and future release of the product that is in pipeline. 

Additional Information


Customers do have an option to purchase an 'Extended Support' for EOS products though. If interested, we advise customers to work with their local Broadcom Account team to get all the details.


Also, you can see release and end-of-support dates by product, at Release and Support Lifecycle Dates: