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CA 7 Workload Automation


By default, CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition uses the translation tables that are shipped in module CAL2XLAT. The tables convert between EBCDIC and ASCII when sending and receiving data using the CAICCI or TCP/IP interface to or from another CA Technologies solution on a different operating environment. This translation applies to both batch and online programs that use the interface.
If for any reason this module fails to load, then CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition uses the standard IBM XLATE macro.
If the default translation tables in CAL2XLAT do not satisfy the local character set requirements, member AL2UM45 in the Sample JCL library CAL2OPTN contains a USERMOD. It provides customizable EBCDIC/ASCII translation tables. The source for the customizable tables is in member CAL2XLAT in the CAL2SRC  library.
It should be copied into USERMOD AL2UM45 at the appropriate place and changed according to the local requirements, then the USERMOD should be RECEIVED and APPLIED to replace the default load module CAL2XLAT with the new customized one. 

Does also CA Integrated Agent Services (CA IAS) use the same CAL2XLAT module to do the EBCDIC/ASCII translations like it used to be with CA 7 XPS Interface?


Z/OS - CA 7 - CA IAS Interface 


We can say that also CA Integrated Agent Services (CA IAS) uses the same CAL2XLAT module that CA 7 uses to perform EBCDIC/ASCII translations.