Cannot import custom action packs


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Unable to import custom action packs, please find summary of import below.

There are 3 custom action packs generated in RDK 1.0.5 in my application. The below are the import scenario we tried and it fail/pass on below scenarios:
1. I have upgraded my RDK from 1.05 to 1.07 ... OK
2. Regenerate custom packs with the new version of RDK ... OK
3. Installed new version RDKCommon 1.0.7 into CA RA ... OK
4. Import my custom packs into CA RA ... Failed 

What is the reason for the failure during import of custom action pack and how we can import it correctly?


CA Release Automation : 6.5 and higher


During our analysis we found that very reason for the failure is the fact that the action-pack hierarchy is different. For example in this particular action pack

Class package hierarchy for nolio-esa-com-package-actions-3.0.jar and class packages is XYZ.esacompackage, whereas the nolio-esa-com-package-actions-2.0.jar package reference was com.XYZ.esacompackage

There is a need to creating the similar hierarchy and to do so you need to set the local folders like that.

The packaging needs to be changed in the base-package=com.XYZ under “SET local folders” of RDK and esapackage will be actionpack name.