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Is there any way to change the default font for the Service Desk Manager (SDM) 17.x web interface?


Service Desk Manager 17.x

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As in previous SDM versions, the font can be changed via customization by making changes to the corresponding CSS file.
The out of box CSS files are located at NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\wwwroot\css.
The new font used in SDM 17.x is called "CA Sans" - there are many variations of that, such as Regular, Bold, etc.
Place your customized analyst_styles.css in the NX_ROOT/site/mods/www/wwwroot/css directory.

Remove the references (in font-family and font) to the CA Sans-Regular and CA Sans-Bold and specify another font to use (i.e. Verdana, Arial, etc.) that could be more clearer.


  1. Test all changes in a non-PROD environment first
  2. The changes would only affect the SDM web interface (classic) and not the xFlow interface.
  3. Be sure to run "pdm_webcache -H" on the SDM server and clear the web browser cache to pick up the CSS changes.
  4. Customizations are outside the scope of Broadcom Support.  The information provided in this KB article is only provided as guidance.

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