Monitors and Incident Settings shows Internal Application Error in CEM Administration Console


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


I have upgraded my CA APM 10.2 cluster to 10.7 SP1. After the completion of the upgrade, I have verified that the Team Center and CEM Admin Console can be launched successfully. I've also managed to run a successful Test Connection to the database via the CEM Admin Console > System > Database Settings page.

However, when I access pages like the Setup > Monitors, Incident Settings etc, I receive Internal Error.

I also couldn't create Business Services and User Groups.



Based on various symptoms and database schema output, it is believed that the problem is a result of data inconsistency in the cemdb. Further research does not indicate that the upgrade would cause this data inconsistency, or would have such impact on existing data. This is more likely an existing problem prior to the upgrade, as a result of minimal usage of the CEM feature in this Test environment.



CA Application Performance Management 10.7 SP1


To address this issue which seems to be due to data inconsistency, the best option would be to start with a clean/new database using the following steps:

a. Backup/export everything owned by the APM DB user and make a note of all that user's privileges.
b. Drop the user and then recreate it with the same name & privileges.

NOTE: The DBA might know more optimal steps to achieve the same result, but above covers what is needed.

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