Stop a global alerting of a process monitor for multiple models
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Stop a global alerting of a process monitor for multiple models


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CA Spectrum


RFC2790 process monitor can be enabled in bulk using Monitored Rule Sets, which can then be applied to Global Collections. If your devices which are config to monitor the process is contained within a Global Collection, it is possible a Rule Set was configured and associated to the Global Collection. This Rule Set can be deleted or disassociated from the Global Collection to stop the process monitor. 

We have several thousands server host models configure to monitor a process, but we no longer need this monitor and need to halt the alarms. How do we disable the process monitor for all 2K devices in bulk?


Platform Independent


Option 1 (recommended). Use Locator > System & Application Monitor > All Monitored Processes

- Find the monitor process rule - delete it or disassociate from the Global Collection

Option 2. Using Attribute Editor, disable the monitor fro sending alarms - note this does not disable the rule set, only prevents alarms from being generated on the device. This also prevents alarms for any process monitor on that device so be cautious when using this option. 

- Find the rfc2790 models using Locator Search > Application Models > All Application Models
- filter for "rcf2790"
- select the rfc2790 app models associated to the host models and right-click > Utilities > Attribute Editor
- locate attribute PMon_SendAlarmsTo  - attribute id 0x1163f4f
- change from "device" to "process"

Additional Information

Please reference the "Working with Monitoring Rule Sets" for more information.