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IIB10 Marketplace extension and pre-req files


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


I downloaded the extension and am in the process of setting up the file where the Java environment and library files are setup.  I am unable to locate the following lib files in either the MQM client or MQM server installations for IIB10.
export CONFIGMANAGERPROXY_JAR=./lib/IntegrationAPI.jar
export JETTY_JARS=./lib/jetty-io.jar:./lib/jetty-util.jar:./lib/websocket-api.jar:./lib/websocket-client.jar:./lib/websocket-common.jar

these settings come right out of the startup script for IIB10 extension 

Where do I obtain these library files from?


All supported APM releases


From the Fieldpack Readme
All the required MQ/MB/Third Party dependent jars should be copied from MQ/MB product 
installation lib to the IIB10Fieldpack/lib directory. 
- IntegrationAPI.jar (Replacement for ConfigManagerProxy.jar) 
- connector.jar 
- dhbcore.jar 
- ibmjsseprovider2.jar 
- j2ee.jar 
Below jetty jars also required (Available in IBM\IIB\\common\jetty\lib) 
- jetty-io.jar 
- jetty-util.jar 
- websocket-api.jar 
- websocket-client.jar 
- websocket-common.jar

Additional Information

The best place to get the files is from the IIB Integration Toolkit which can be optionally installed when installing IIB 10.This Toolkit is not available as a standalone installer --