Clarity Upgrade 15.4.1 - Error while invoking the SOAP URL with endpoint "Internal" in Gel Script.


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Upgraded to 15.4.1 from 14.3. 

We have some process in which the XOG  is happening through the SOAP URL with "Internal" Endpoint  as below , 

 <!-- XOG In Section -->
      <core:catch var="XOGOP">
        <soap:invoke endpoint="internal" var="firstLoadresult">

but these processes are failing with the error code "Status-Code: 302: Found at com.niku.union.gel.tags.soap.InvokeTag.doTag(". 

However I am able to access the XOG URL from the browser . Can you please advice the reason for not working the endpoint="internal" in the gel script . Please note that this is working fine with the previous 14.3 clarity version .


Component: PPMXOG


HTTP Entry URL in CSA needed to be pointing to correct URL, once corrected and services restarted, connection was successful.