Can SCM Harvest 13 use the normal JAVA JRE instead of the embedded JRE that comes with the install


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Because of JAVA vulnerabilities, we currently update the normal JRE files quarterly under the \Program Files folder. We were working on updating the embedded JRE under the Harvest "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SCM\jre" folder and we did notice that HARVEST works without it. 

Is the embedded JRE needed if the desktop has the normal JAVA loaded?


CA Harvest SCM Client and Workbench-Only Client v12.6 and up


The embedded JRE that comes with SCM is needed for Workbench and if you have any custom applications that use the JHSDK. If you only use Administrator Tool or the command line utilities it is probably not needed. With previous versions of SCM, there was something in the SCM Client installation that would check to be sure all the files inside that JRE folder are there, and if not, it will decide the installation has become corrupted and try to "reinstall" itself. So just deleting the JRE folder was not the best option with previous versions of SCM.

However, with SCM v13.0.3, it is easy to upgrade the JRE inside SCM to a newer version if your system rules require that. Here's what you can do: 

1. Go to %CA_SCM_HOME% 
2. Delete the contents under %CA_SCM_HOME%/jre 
3. Copy the from the required JAVA to %CA_SCM_HOME%/jre and unzip the same (Only Harvest supported Java Versions) 

If you're on an earlier version of SCM and still need to upgrade the JRE, A script can be provided that makes it possible to upgrade the JRE as often as you need to. Please open a support case and let us know which version of SCM Client you have (if you open Workbench and select "Help" and "About" it will tell you).