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Trying to change the value in the FTE column by changing the admin resource calendar


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We have a custom view that queries the rpt_calendar table. The FTE field value format changed from days to seconds in release 15.3, so we have to rewrite the query to calculate the view output differently. 

We also want to change the FTE value from 8 hours (28800 seconds) to 7.5 hours (27000 seconds). 

We changed the Availability (FTE) field in the UI for the Admin resource from 8.0 to 7.5 and then ran the "Update Report Table" job with the "Update Reporting Calendar" parameter checked, as per the Jobs Reference Guide documentation about the Update Report Table job.

The issue is that the FTE field in the RPT_CALENDAR table is not updating (as per the results of the query below). As a matter of fact, the Last Updated Date field in the record has not updated since last year! 

select * from RPT_CALENDAR
where period_type = 'DAILY'
and start_date = to_date('06/01/2018', 'mm/dd/yyyy');


CA PPM 15.3 On Premise


1. Navigate to Administration > Project Management > Base Calendars
2. Select the "Standard" calendar from the list
3. Check the month / year and work days whose FTE value you want to change (e.g. Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri).
4. Press the "Make Workday" button
5. Repeat step #4
6. Press the "Set Shifts" button
7. Enter "8:00 - 12:00" for shift 1, and "13:00 - 16:30" for Shift 2. This is 7.5 hours total

Outcome: Run the query for one of the workdays you defined for the month and you'll see that the FTE has changed from 28800 toi 27000 seconds.