Some interfaces on devices are not getting names or speeds
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Some interfaces on devices are not getting names or speeds


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Some interfaces on devices are not getting names or speeds, while other interfaces on the same device are getting names.

SNMP Rediscover and Refresh both work, but the names of just some interfaces do not get names or speeds set automatically.

These interfaces will appear like "Interface X" where Xrepresents the ifIndex of a interface you know to have Netflow data.


NFA 9.3.1 and later.


If the interface has an ifType of that matches on of these values, it will be excluded from polling by default, 1,18,37,100,101,102,103,104,134.
These ifTypes are blocked by default to reduce the size of the NFA database and make SNMP polling more efficient, as they usually will not have Netflow data on them.

If you do an SNMP Walk of a device and check for OID . which represents the ifType, you can see what ifType is assigned to the ifindex in question.

To find the ifIndex you are looking for search for the OID above, with the ifIndex after it, like . where X is the ifindex.



If you have an interface that has Netflow data on it and has an ifType in the list above, that you want to allow it to polled follow the steps in the Configure ifTypes section of the NFA Guide.

  1. Locate the file on the Harvester server.


    Open the file in a text editor.

  2. The ifTypes that CA NFA will ignore are included on the following line:


    Edit this list to add or remove ifTypes as necessary. The list must contain integer values, separated by commas, and containing no spaces.

  3. Save the edited file.

  4. Restart the poller service (CA NFA Poller).

Additional Information

Note that if none of the interfaces on the device have names or speeds, it would more likely indicate there is an SNMP polling issue with the device.