ASM agent is not connecting to the ASM server
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ASM agent is not connecting to the ASM server


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


I am receiving this error message in the ASM Agent log

[WARN] [pool-1-thread-1] [CloudMonitorIntegration.CA AppSyntheticMonitorAgent] Problem while getting global CA App Synthetic Monitor data (lists of monitors and checkpoints): com.wily.apm.cloudmonitor.cmconnector. rest.RestConnectionProblem: CA App Synthetic Monitor query returned the following error: wrong credentials authentication error 


Component: WMAPP


Most of the time in this situation, the API password is locked due to too many attempts to login to the API with the wrong credentials.

For the ASM Agent to retrieve data and insert metrics into APM, you must use the ASM Master Account API credentials.

To unlock your ASM API account, log into the Master Account on the ASM Web Portal.

To verify your API login is working, go to and enter the Master Account email address in the user field and the API password in the password field and click on exec.

If you need to change your API password, log into the ASM Web Portal as the Master Account and click on your user name in the top right hand corner and select Change Password. The second section is for the API password.  There are 3 fields.  First enter your ASM Web Portal password in the Current Password field.  Then set your new API Password in the next field and retype it in the third field.  

NOTE: If changing your API password, be sure to modify the ASM Agent password property in the ASM Properties file.