CA UIM / CABI - No dashboard found with path: /public/ca/uim/visualization/dashboards/aws/ec2/aws_ec2


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After upgrading the uim_aws_dashboards package to v2.40, I can no longer open the AWS EC2 Dashboard. 

I get the following message in the CABI portlet: 

No dashboard found with path: /public/ca/uim/visualization/dashboards/aws/ec2/aws_ec2

Click Edit Dashboard button to create dashboard or click Options -> Preferences to update path


Component: UIMCBI


In the most recent version of the dashboard packages, the CABI AWS Dashboard in question i.e. "AWS ECS Dashboard" are no longer supported or shipped with the product. 

The AWS EC2 information can now be displayed under the AWS Summary Dashboard. Open the AWS Summary Dashboard -> Select the EC2 Technology and this will allow you to drill down into the EC2 data/dashlets. 

These are the latest dashboard package versions, they can be found by opening the controller GUI  of the robot running cabi -> Status -> Installed Packages: 

- uim_aws_dashboards v2.40 
- uim_core_dashboards v2.40 
- uim_cabi_health_report_pack v1.20 
- uim_unified_reporter_pack v1.02 

Here is the documentation which explains what AWS dashboards and information is shipped in the 2.40 versions: 

AWS Dashboards - 

... And here is the documentation for the previous AWS dashboards: 

Previous Versions of AWS Dashboards - 

You can update the Unified Dashboard Menu by following the below documentation: 

Update the Unified Dashboards Menu -