CA USM/UMP Maintenance page shows blank space / Unable to set device to Maintenance Mode


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Login to USM works but find out existing maintenance plans are not in the Maintenance tab which shows only empty display.

There are other page elements missing when selecting a node in the navigation view, such as Monitoring tab and Reports drop down.


Mistakes are made when reinitializing security on primary hub and permissions are missing in security.cfg and valid backups of security.cfg are also not available.

Missing permissions are:

Edit Maintenance Mode Devices
Edit Maintenance Mode Schedules 
Edit URL Actions 
Launch URL Actions 
NFA * 
Policy Basic|Management 
Probe Basic|Security|Template Basic|Template Management 
Restrict View To User Assets 
USM Edit Monitoring Station Groups 
USM GEO View Modification 
USM Modify Shared Alarm Filters 
USM Monitoring Configuration Service 

Permission 'USM Monitoring Configuration Service' is available after UIM 8.47. All other permissions shall be in security.cfg for UIM version 8.x.



UIM 8.4x-8.5x


1. Check that all required permissions are available in  /Nimsoft/probes/service/distsrv/base_acls.cfg

2. If not, manually modify base_acls.cfg to append missing permissions.

3. Invoke callback 'set_acl_init' on distsrv probe and provide base_acls.cfg as parameter.

4. Open Security->Manage Access Control List in IM, check that all missing permissions are enabled in ACLs used by UMP users.

Additional Information

Similar process is described in below kb article: CA UIM maintenance mode options do not show in USM