Some sheets in Export Usage Audit Data Excel book do not have suitable "Reporting Period End:" dates.


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The exported Excel book for Export Usage Audit Data consists of 5 sheets. When selecting "Reporting Period Start:" as "03/04/2018" and "Reporting Period End:" as "04/30/2018" like below during exporting from Enterprise Dashboard


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Then the "Overview" sheet includes overview information and dates for "Reporting Period Start:" as "March 4, 2018" and "Reporting Period End:" as "April 30, 2018" like below:


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In this "Overview" sheet, the dates for "Reporting Period Start:" and "Reporting Period End:" are matched the setting during the export process from Enterprise Dashboard.

However by checking other three sheets named "User Type Chart", "SV for Performance Chart" and "Historical Usage", the finish dates for chars and tables are defined as one day before the "Reporting Period End:" date like below.

User Type Chart:


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SV for Performance Chart:


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Historical Usage:


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This is a known problem.


Release: Service Virtualization 10.3

Component: Enterprise Dashboard


The fix of problem is included in DevTest 10.4 or upper.

But if you continue to use DevTest 10.3, then please contact CA Support to get the patch for this problem.

The fix is included new dradis-10.3.0.jar file in [LISA_HOME]/lib/dradis.