JasperSoft Studio exception - "LoggedInUserAttribute_ppmUserLanguage" does not exist.


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When running a reports from JasperSoft Studio it returns exception:
     Reason: generic.error.message
     Parameter "LoggedInUserAttribute_ppmUserLanguage" does not exist.
     net.sf.jasperreorts.engine.JRRuntimeException: Parameter "LoggedInUserAttribute_ppmUserLanguage" does not exist.


Manually created JasperSoft User doesn't gets the required PPM Attributes auto populated resulting the exception reported when running Out of the Box PPM report from Studio.

<Please see attached file for image>

Manually created JasperSoft User missing PPM Attributes.


PPM SaaS and PPM On Premise


Manually created JasperSoft Users are missing required PPM Attributes to successfully load / run reports in Studio.

a) Navigate to Advanced Reporting - Manager - Users page
b) Click on Edit for JasperSoft User and navigate to Attributes tab on top right cornet.

<Please see attached file for image>

Add New Attribute for manually created JasperSoft User.
c) Click to 'Add new attributes' with default PPM attribute setting names and value.
     - Name = ppmUserLanguage  and  Value = en
     - Name = ppmUserUITheme   and  Value  = ca_ppm_tealgrey
d) Login back to JasperSoft Studio Professional to validate reports are not loading up successfully.


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