Customize the JCLNeat options table values in foreground
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Customize the JCLNeat options table values in foreground


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JCLCheck Workload Automation


JCLNeat usermod MZ1C020 modifies the default option table CAZ1NDEF, and it is used for JCLNeat batch execution.  

JCLNeat can also be invoked from:  

-      An ISPF Edit session using clist JCKNSPF.  (JCLNeat control options are on panelid JCKN01.) 

-      Option 6 of JCLCheck/ISPF Interface.  (JCLNeat control options are on panelid JCK0205, and JCK0205A.)

The options on these panels are the installation defaults, and do not reflect the values from usermod MZ1C020.  

This Knowledge Base article describes how to force the options set in MZ1C020 for JCLNeat ISPF invocation.



JCLCheck Workload Automation

Component: JCLNeat

Release 12.0


To customize CAZ1NDEF values that is generated in usermod MZ1C020 when using JCLNeat foreground execution; 

1.    Edit the source clist CAZ2CLS0(JCKNSPF)

2.    Locate the section beginning with:


      /* SET DEFAULTS IF THEY ARE NOT SET                     */          



      IF &JNTBCI = &STR() THEN SET &JNTBCI = &STR(Y)                      

      IF &JNTBCS = &STR() THEN SET &JNTBCS = &STR(N)                      

      IF &JNTCDEL = &STR() THEN SET &JNTCDEL = 0                          

      IF &JNTCTM = &STR() THEN SET &JNTCTM = &STR(N)  /* JCK01312 */      

      IF &JNTDCBS = &STR() THEN SET &JNTDCBS = &STR(N)                    

      IF &JNTCEC = &STR() THEN SET &JNTCEC = 35                           

/*    IF &JNTCEC0 = &STR() THEN SET &JNTCEC0 = &JNTCEC   */               

/*    IF &JNTCEC1 = &STR() THEN SET &JNTCEC1 = &JNTCEC   */               

/*    IF &JNTCEC2 = &STR() THEN SET &JNTCEC2 = &JNTCEC   */               

/*    IF &JNTCEC3 = &STR() THEN SET &JNTCEC3 = &JNTCEC   */               

/*    IF &JNTCEC4 = &STR() THEN SET &JNTCEC4 = &JNTCEC   */               

/*    IF &JNTCEC5 = &STR() THEN SET &JNTCEC5 = &JNTCEC   */               

3.    Uncomment all the lines referencing options which are changed in the customized MZ1C020 usermod and force here the same values set in the usermod.

4.    Save the new CAZ2CLS0(JCKNSPF) source.

5.    Logon again to TSO then run CA JCLNeat foreground as edit macro, referencing the new JCKNSPF clist and verify that panel JCKN01 now contains the customized values of MZ1C020 CAZ1NDEF.


In both cases a custom dummy usermod should be generated and installed for CA JCLCheck to indicate that both sources CAZ2CLS0(JCKNSPF) and CAZ2CLS0(JCKNSPF2) have been changed.   This will prompt any future PTF that customization has been done and retrofit is needed.