Abend RCM00011: DB2 connection error: $CTDIR LOCVER error. Request fail RC=00000008 RS=00000014


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In the process of upgrading R19 CA Database Management for DB2 for Z/OS suite to a new maintenance level the first job ssid0000 fails in step COMPRT in ssid0000: DB2 connection error $CTDIR LOCVER error. Request fail RC=00000008 RS=00000014.



In many previous cases with more than one PTXMAN running on different maintenance levels, Xmanager caused the problem because it was not running at the SAME maintenance level. Such a situation can cause unpredictable results like the : $CTDIR LOCVER error.



DB2 for Z/OS


The xmanager in use was already pointing to the updated CDBALOAD library. Customer has two PTXMAN's running one for current maintenance level and the other on the updated maintenance level pointing them to a different XMANID. The XSYS value was changed to XSYS=N on the updated PTXMAN level and was able to complete the ssid0000 job. Until the new maintenance level is installed in all environments this same setting should be maintained.

Stopping and Starting the Xmanager started task and changing the value of XSYS=Y to XSYS=N after making sure that the CDBALOAD library being used is the updated one often solves the problem.

Additional Information

Prepare the Xmanager Started Task Procedure

See section XSYS(Y|N)

Note: When XSYS=Y, we recommend that the involved Xmanagers use the same load library so they are at the same maintenance level. If the Xmanagers are at different maintenance levels, you must access data from the local Xmanager. The maintenance mismatch can potentially result in the display of user values that are inaccurate, an unexpected user abend, or both.