SFTP_JAVA Job aborts with "Unable to connect to remote host" error
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SFTP_JAVA Job aborts with "Unable to connect to remote host" error


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


After validating that all SFTP parameters are correct, the SFTP_JAVA Job still aborts with the following error in the output file.

Error - unable to connect to remote host - 'sample.automic.com'


CA Automic Applications Manager 9.x


Applications Manager ships with jsch-0.1.39.jar file which is a third party jcraft utility. This utility is used for the actual file transfer. In some cases, updating this file resolves many connection issues. Update this file by following the steps outlined below.

Download the newer file at:


1. Scroll down to the Download section and download the jsch-0.1.55.jar or latest version available.
2. On the server where the SFTP Job runs, remove the current jsch-0.1.39.jar file to $AW_HOME (or another backup location) and place the jsch-0.1.55.jar in the $AW_HOME/web/classes or %AW_HOME\web\classes (Windows) directory.
3. Restart the Agent
4. Re-run SFTP_JAVA job.

Please note FTP, FTP_JAVA, and SFTP_JAVA are legacy jobs with limited functionality. Starting versions 9.2 and higher, SFTP_JAVA has been removed.

The suggested method of file transfer is through the FTP RA agent. RA FTP requires additional licensing, please contact your CA account manager for further details.