How To Resize The Audit And Audit2 files of CA Top Secret?
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How To Resize The Audit And Audit2 files of CA Top Secret?


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP




- We would like to resize the audit Primary and secondary files of CA Top Secret.


- How to do that without cutting the service of CA Top Secret while production is running ? 





-1°) Allocate your new AUDIT and AUDIT2 files.  

       You can use job in CAKOJCL0(TSSMAINA) to allocate AUDIT file and CAKOJCL0(TSSMAINB) to allocate AUDIT2 file.

-2°) Pause TSS in a temporary mode. 

       P TSSproc and then reply <T> to the message TSS9072A. 

-3°) Rename your old audit files, then rename your new audit files with their old name. 

-4°) Restart your TSSproc. S TSSproc,,,REINIT,SUB=MSTR to restart CA Top Secret as a subsystem or just S TSSproc,,,REINIT 

       If your TSSproc name is TSS, then CA Top Secret will start as a subsystem anyway. 

Caution: You must be signed on onto TSO with an acid having all authority to run the TSSMAINT utility and be able to pause and restart CA Top Secret.


Additional Information


- If you want to have more information about how to allocate AUDIT and AUDIT2 files go to link: