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We are using GT DataMaker in an environment with firewall. The repository SQL Server is configured to use a non-standard communication port. When trying to connect DataMasker to Repository SQL Server database, a time out occurs. How do we reconfigure the connection for DataMaker to connect using a non-default port?


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If you are not using an rep.xml file, you will need to edit the connection profile from the DataMaker main page. You edit the configuration, right click on the connection profile, and select edit.

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If you are using an ODBC connection to connect to the SQL Server, then you need t verify the SQL Server is configured to listen on the correct port. For more information on this see for steps to specify the port used by the SQL Server.

Then launch the ODBC Data Source Administration utility and modify the ODBC connection so that it is communicating on the new port. You can specify the port the connection needs to use in the "Server" field, where you specify the hostname of the server. The syntax is [hostname],[port]. 

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For more information on connecting the Repository to the SQL SERVER see (

If you are using a rep.xml file, you may still need to modify the connection profile. In some cases, you may need to delete and recreate the rep.xml file. If you need more information regarding creating the rep.xml file see



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