How come my PX policy is not running ?
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How come my PX policy is not running ?


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How come my PX policy is not running ?



CA Identity Manager 14.x


There can be many reasons why a PX policy does not run.
If a PX policy gets evaluated and does not apply the changes the PX policy will not be shown to have run in the View Submitted Tasks.

If you need to create a Policy with many rules and it fails or does not run, make copy of the PX policy
and take some or all of the Rules.   Does it run then ?? 
Add them back one by one until the Policy does not run,(of course this should be done in DEV).

There is also a way to enable logging just for PX policies, that should give you more information on why the Policy does not run.

In the one case we  found out that the PX policy was running an Admin Task, but the customer typed in the Admin task name using the WRONG case.

For Example  if the Admin task name name was ModifyUser and the customer typed Modifyuser

Once we fixed the case of the Admin task the PX policy ran successfully.