What files are needed for CA JCLCheck to resolve BMC Control-M JCL?


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JCLCheck Workload Automation


What files and DD names are needed for CA JCLCheck to resolve BMC Control-M  JCL?


Component: JCLCHK


The 3 DD names and its corresponding files that are needed for CA JCLCheck  to resolve Control-M JCL are,

//DAALOCIN DD DSN=CTM.dallocin.file,DISP=SHR     CTM allocation file
//DAPARM   DD DSN=CTM.daparm.file,DISP=SHR       CTM Parm file
//DAPRENV  DD DUMMY             Always use DUMMY CTM Environment file when using JCLCheck CAZ1PRES

However, some installations use a Control-M exit to provide these files dynamically. In this case, you do not need to include them.

The easiest way to find out if these DD names and corresponding files in your environment are needed is to locate the procedure CTMAESIM in your PROC library.  Review the PROC to see if the DD names of  DAALOCIN, DAPARM and DAPRENV exists.  Use these same DD names and files for CA JCLCheck when resolving Control-M JCLs.

Note:   If your DAALOCIN points to a member name, you will also need to add the member name.


Additional Information

As always, contact Broadcom support for CA JCLCheck if you have further questions.