Harvester Reaper Service Crashes on Utilization Alert Traps


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


The CA NFA Reaper service on the Harvester crashes and won't remain active. Netflow\logs\Realtimereapererrors*.log file shows that this is crashing when sending out a Utilization Alert Trap showing "Ifindex 0" :

 ********** RealtimeReaper ********** 10:12:00 Severity 1 - RealtimeReaper starting up, logging level: 2 10:12:21 Severity 2 - Ephemeral ID lookup returned 0 results for router ########## with persistent ID 26 10:12:21 Severity 2 - Trap: '90% Utilization Alarm' being sent with ifIndex value of 0


Due to a netflow problem, bogus interfaces were added to a router with "ifindex 0". The Alert problem occurs when adding an Alert Trap to look an an Interface Group (e.g. "All Interfaces") that contains these bogus interfaces.


NFA 9.3.3 on Windows


Locate the router containing the bogus interfaces and delete it from NFA. For example, see the following article:

Clear out the trap definitions table on the harvester machine by running 
mysql harvester
truncate table trap_definitions;

(The trap definitions will be pushed back to the harvester the next time an Alert trap is modified in the NFA Administration GUI.)

Restart the CA NFA Reaper service, and it should remain active.