Lost the ability to update System Manager Role and Create Admin Roles


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We went through an IdentitiyMinder upgrade to version 14.2. Upon completing this upgrade we no longer are able to access the System Manager role and we are unable to create new Admin roles. It was working fine before the upgrade, now it doesn't show any of the roles. How can we resolve this?


Identity Manager 14.2


To resolve this we needed to reassign the System Manager Role. When the environment was upgraded we noticed that regular system managers couldn't see any roles. We were able to add the System Manager role back through the management console.

Step 1) Log into the IM Management console
Step 2) Click on the environment in question
Step 3) On the bottom click on "System Manager"
Step 4) Enter a System Manager here and press next and apply.
Step 5) Validate that the user reassigned can access the necessary admin roles

or if the first suggestion doesn't work please try the following.

Step 1) Under the task Modify Admin Task search for "Modify Admin Role".
Step 2) Select the Search Tab under "Search Options" - Check off "All admin roles for which the user is an owner".