WSFED Partnership with Azure


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


We are creating a new partnership to provide SSO with Azure, and when we try to activate the partnership, then we get the following error :

  [1365/139646262564608][Wed Jun 27 2018 10:32:56][XPSObject.cpp:1488][setAttribute][WARN][AssertEqual] CA.SM::[email protected](azure_test):
  Assert Equal failed for Attribute -> getDataType(): expected: 1, actual: 4
  [1365/139646262564608][Wed Jun 27 2018 10:32:56][PartnershipSvcBase.cpp:5534][setAttributeImpl][ERROR][sm-xobfed-00580] Set failed for attribute: RequireAuthnStmt
  [1365/139646262564608][Wed Jun 27 2018 10:32:56][WSFEDIPToRPPartSvc.cpp:1022][processNameID][ERROR][sm-xobfed-01390] processNameID failed!.
  [1365/139646262564608][Wed Jun 27 2018 10:32:56][WSFEDIPToRPPartSvc.cpp:1390][createPropertySection][ERROR][sm-xobfed-01400] createPropertySection failed!.
  [1365/139646262564608][Wed Jun 27 2018 10:32:56][WSFEDIPToRPPartSvc.cpp:1517][setActivated][ERROR][sm-xobfed-00490] setActivated failed.
  [1365/139646262564608][Wed Jun 27 2018 10:32:56][PartnershipService.cpp:2072][PartnershipService][ERROR][sm-xobfed-02330] PartnershipService failed. Operation: 3

What is causing this?


Policy Server R12.52 SP2


This error appears as the Name ID is not being included in the assertion. Ensure the "Include Name ID in assertion" option is enabled in the Assertion Configuration page of the Partnership.