How to download CA Workload Automation Agents?


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Where do I get the download for ESP Agent? We would like to download and test out.


CA Workload Automation Agents


Log onto Broadcom Support website to download the Workload Automation Agent and agent plugins.


1. Go to . Log onto the Broadcom Support website if you are not already logged in.
2. Click on 'Mainframe Software' -> 'Product Downloads' 
3. In the search field, type WORKLOAD AUTOMATION AGENTS to bring up a list of products.
4. From the list, click WORKLOAD AUTOMATION AGENTS.
5. From the list of products under the Product Downloads tab, and click "CA Workload Automation Agent EE MULTI-PLATFORM". Alternatively, you can also type "CA Workload Automation Agent EE MULTI-PLATFORM" in the FILTER SEARCH RESULTS text field to quickly locate it.
6. Select the release and service pack you want from the RELEASE and SERVICE PACK menus.
The Workload Automation System Agent product and all associated plug-in agents are displayed. 
7. Select the cloud icon (Download Now) for each agent you want to download and click the download method you prefer to complete the procedure.