How to apply exceptions in MCS using Default Disk(s) Template


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I am confused on the new version of the MCS template for Default Disk(s). It appears that the Disk(s) template wasn't upgraded as part of the new templates for CDM-MC 6.30. They have been added under the Default Disk(s) template. The problem I am having, is that I can't update that Disk(s) section at the node level. It has to be pushed from the group level. What we have is the case, where you want to only monitor certain disks, or you want to override the threshold for a single disk on an Default Disk(s) profile. 


Component: CAUIM


Let's say you have a group of servers that all have C: drive and D: drive, and a few servers in the group has E: drive. 

Let's say on all the E: drive servers you want the threshold different than on C: and D:. 

And on just ONE server in the group you want a different threshold on a drive than all the others. 

First you would create the Default Disk(s) profile at the GROUP level, and this would be applied to all the disks on the devices in your group. (C:, D:, and E:) 

Now, at the GROUP level again, you can create a Disk(s) profile which is a "child" of Default Disk(s) and choose one of the devices which has E: drive, and you can use this to set thresholds for the E: drives and this will (as you noted) apply to all the devices in the group which has an E: drive. 

Now, if you want to make an override for a single device by itself, you can click on that device, and go to the Monitoring tab, and then go to the Disk(s) profile which is NOT a "child" of Default Disk(s) -- in other words, go to the old Disk(s) profile which stands alone by itself, NOT the new "sub template" version. 

Here you can make a device-level profile and this will override the Default Disk(s) and the "child" Disk(s) settings for this device only.