IDMS: Support for large 1MB memory page frames
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IDMS: Support for large 1MB memory page frames


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The IEASYSxx LFAREA parameter specifies the amount of real storage to be made available for 1 MB and 2 GB large pages.

Does IDMS support large area page frames?


CA-IDMS, all supported releases.


Currently (as of October 2, 2020), IDMS does not make any specification about the nature of the page frame size when requesting 64-bit storage.

IDMS makes a request and gets the frame that z/OS assigns to a page.

There is a development project in progress to give clients the ability to influence the size of page frames allocated to it. This should be available some time in early 2021. Clients wanting more specific information on this project should open a support issue at

Additional Information

LFAREA parameter (an IBM page)