Error DC130051 in IDMSINFO
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Error DC130051 in IDMSINFO


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When trying to cancel a remote task via PMRM, error message DC130051 "IDMSLPAR block missing or not initialized" may be issued.

IDMSINFO is a separate address space introduced as of IDMS r18.5. It is a service provider which must be active to be able to use the remote monitoring feature of Performance Monitor.


Release: All supported releases.


For IDMSINFO to initiate cleanly, CAIRIM must have already been run to install the SVC and related APF modules using GJJ0INIT.

When CAIRIM installs the SVC using GJJ0INIT, GJJ0INIT will  load several modules from the APFLIB in addition to the SVC.

These modules are RHDCSSFM, IDMSMSVA, CAIXDOA$ and PMRTDATA. This last one is a new module since r18.5.

PMRTDATA contains the IDMSLPAR DSECT, which IDMSINFO requires.

If PMRTDATA has not been loaded into the LPA by running CAIRIM, IDMSINFO will get the DC130051 error.

For running IDMS r18.5, ensure that RO71145 is applied.