UIM snmpcollector how to migrate probe from one hub to another


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Would like to migrate snmpcollector probe to another hub.


snmpcollector 3.20 or greater


1. Open Template Editor and disable all templates.
2. Deactivate snmpcollector probe.
3. Take copy of the entire snmpcollector probe folder.
4. Deploy the same version of snmpcollector probe on to new hub.
5. Deactivate snmpcollector probe in new hub.
6. Copy the below files/folders (from older snmpcollector) to new snmpcollector.

<snmpcollector>/CustomVendorCertifications/* (If you have self certification)

7. Activate snmpcollector probe in new hub.
8. Open Template Editor in new snmpcollector and enable templates.

Additional Information

UIM Primary hub should not be used as snmpcollector hub. See concerns.

Performance and Scalability Considerations