Missing values or complete intervals in DCI WebUI reports
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Missing values or complete intervals in DCI WebUI reports


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Dynamic Capacity Intelligence


Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI) WebUI is correctly set up, but some reports appear to be incomplete as not all the values are correctly shown.

The Sim CG report is used here as example but the problem can affect any kind of DCI WebUI report.

The report page is displayed, and it shows the correct figures R4HA, C4HA, GCL, MSU and Sim C4HA but not the Sim CG ones.

The Sim CG line is not displayed on the graph page:

and there is no Sim CG column on the table page:



Release: Dynamic Capacity Intelligence
Component: DYCAPI


It could be a problem with the csv data on DCI USS side, which can be corrupted or missing.


The csv data can be recreated from the current DCI MSUDB file and for each month, using the JCL sample that can be found on CSVBATCH member of CFHRSAMP library.


There are steps for 5,15 and 60 min intervals and a description for each possible parameter can be found on the JCL comments. On each step, some parameters must be defined; our recommendation is:


MONTH= MM/YYYY  /* Type in here the month you want to generate */


for each of the 3 steps.


Use the RESET parameter to generate CSV-Reports from this month. This will delete all existing CSV’s to this month and will build completely new ones.


Please note that before running that job, the REPORTS parameter must be set to OFF in ISPF CA DCI Option Table:

and then turned ON again after CSVBATCH job successfully completes.

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