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Is it possible to change the location the VSE Recorder listens for request?


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When using the VSE Recorder in the Workstation, the client application needs to point to the Workstation machine which started the VSE Recorder.
During playback, the client application needs to point to the VSE Server.
Is it possible to change where the VSE Recorder is listening for requests?


All supported DevTest releases.


The VSE Recorder available with the Workstation will always be listening for requests in the machine where Workstation is running.
There isn't an option to change where the recorder is listening for requests.
If you are using the Recorder in the Portal, then the machine listening for requests will be the VSE Server. In this case, there is no need to change the endpoint in the client side.
You can also have the Workstation installed in the VSE server and start the VSE Recorder in the server. This way the endpoint will be same for recording and playback.
You can also use the ServiceImageManager command-line tool to start the VSE Recorder in the server, it will do the same as the Workstation VSE Recorder, but it is a command-line tool.
For more information regarding the ServiceImageManager, please refer to the link below: