Does Top Secret for VSE have a QRadar API interface?
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Does Top Secret for VSE have a QRadar API interface?


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Top Secret - VSE


Need to use QRadar to perform some auditing and compliance metrics. Does Top Secret for VSE have a API or database interface for QRadar from IBM?


Release: TOPSEC00100-3.0-Top Secret-Security


Top Secret for VSE does not have any built in API that interfaces with Top Secret Auditing and logging. 

You can run a TSSUTIL EXTRACT job to extract the audit records from the Top Secret Audit Tracking File and put it in a dataset. 

At that point they can use QRadar to extract the info or build a database from it. 

TSSUTIL is batch. There is no real time. 

If you were a z/OS customer, TSS for z/OS has a Compliance Event Manager which is exactly what you would need. It basically dumps security records into a database so you can run queries on it. 

There is no z/VSE version and none planned in the future.