Mobile app, Employees got "The request requires user authentication"


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Employee / Customer is attempting to open a Request on the mobile app but error message is being returned: "The request requires user authentication"


For contacts with "Customer/Employee" access type i.e. self-service end user interface,  the REST API web service role is set to 'Employee/Customer', it means that these contacts will only be able to perform limited operations just like the web interface i.e. create and track only their tickets. They will only be able to access the Employee/customer role functionality on the mobile application. Note that the app is primarily targeted at analyst type users. However, employee role users can still use it, although with limited functionality. Below are the End User/ Employee Mobile Capabilities:

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SDM 14.1
SDM 17.1


In Access Type, modify the role on " REST API web service role" field by role with more privileges as Analyst role.
  1. Log into Service Desk Manager as an administrator (ex: ServiceDesk)
  2. Administration tab > Security and Role Management > Access Type
  3. Click on the Access Type being used > Roles tab > set the role requested in "REST Web Service API Role" field.