WebService tab missing in RA WebService REST agent


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Automic Workload Automation's (AWA) RA WebService (WS) REST agent core and solution are upgraded to v12.1.1 and v4.4.0, respectively.

When the RA WS Rest agent is opened or edited, the WS tab is missing.  There are no errors.


AE version 12.1.1HF3
RA core version 12.1.1
RA WS Rest solution version 4.4.0


1. Create a new, fresh install of the RA WS Rest agent:
a. backup the bin directory
b. create a new bin directory
c. copy the binaries over to new bin directory (leave out the bootstrp3.cab, setup.lst, and setup.exe)
d. edit the ucxjcitz.ini file 
2. Verify the Command field of the RA WS Rest agent properties contains the disable_cache in the Service Manager dialog
3. Create a new RA WS Rest agent object
4. Give the RA WS Rest agent access to client X > log into client X > open the RA WS Rest agent
Result: RA WS tab shows up
5. Log off all AWI sessions and close browser.
6. Log on to Client 0 > open the RA WS Rest agent object
Result: RA WS tab shows up

Additional Information

If the solution does not resolve the issue, please enable tracing on the Automic Web Interface (AWI):

1. Modify your uc4config.xml for AE Client Trace:

-- Located at <Apache Tomcat Installation>/webapps/<ECC Name>/config/uc4config.xml

Change the line reading:

<trace count="10" xml="0"></trace>


<trace count="10" xml="3"></trace>

2. Modify your logback.xml for Tomcat Trace:

-- Located at <Apache Tomcat Installation>/webapps/<ECC Name>/config/logback.xml

Change the line reading:

<root level="INFO">


<root level="TRACE">

3. Backup your current Tomcat log directory (<Apache Tomcat Installation>/logs) in case the error is not easily reproducible.

4. Remove contents of log directory.

5. Restart the Tomcat Server.

6. Replicate the issue.

7. Stop the Tomcat Server.

8. Change the values back to original settings in steps 1 and 2.

9. Zip the contents of the Tomcat log directory and send to CA Support through the case.

-- If file size is too large, please upload to our Automic FTP site - https://ft.us.automic.com/dropbox/~Cv2PH8 - and reference the case #.

10.) Restart the Tomcat Server.