how to migrate IG Sandbox Oracle Express to Enterprise version


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I have deployed Identity Governance in a Sandbox configuration because I wanted to use the built-in Oracle Express DB on virtual appliance 14.1. Now, I have some space issues and wanted to move the data to MS SQL datbase. The Help icon on the Virtual Appliance Console page has a hyperlink "Prerequisties for external databae integration" which shoes a readme.txt file. However, it does not help with steps required to move the data to another database once IG has been deployed. How can I migrate my Sanbox Oracle DB to an external MS SQL datbase? I have deployed IG, IdM,IP,PS,US,CS - but I have shutdown IdM as I am not using it for this project.


Component: IDSVA


External DS has to do with additional sources from which you retrieve data for use in custom functionalities (i.e PX for IM, form enhandlers for IP). IG does not support these kind of custom functionalities, so it does not support adding custom DSs. This is not relevant to your issue. Currently, there is no supported way to change the vApp's solution DB from the embedded DB to an external DB. The embedded DB is used for demo and evaluation purposes only. In order to have an external DB for a development environment, the customer should deploy a new solution on an external DB.