Why can't I see a warning message for session recording ?
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Why can't I see a warning message for session recording ?


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


PAM is configured to show a session recording warning message

"Warning, you are being monitored"

When using the SSH applet or the RDP applet there is no warning message shown when logging in, but if using putty (as a TCP/UDP Service) then the warning message is shown. We have checked the configuration, and session recording is enabled and the warning message configured. So why is this happening?


PAM 3.2.X and higher


One of the reasons this may not work is if the user is a member of a user group for which the Option to On the user group the "Applet record warning" setting was set to "no".

To enable it, please do the following

  • Access PAM by means of a web browser or the PAM client as a user with admin rights (Super or equivalent)
  • Go to the users menu and Choose Manage User Groups



  • Choose the group or groups to which the user belongs. In Basic Info you may see something like:

In this case, RDP and SSH applets will not show the warning message, but the Putty service will continue to display it.

This may happen for instance if the user is part of a group imported from LDAP.

If you want to have the session recording enabled, toggle this setting to Yes.

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