How to disable MESC parameter from Risk Authentication MFP?
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How to disable MESC parameter from Risk Authentication MFP?


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How to disable MESC parameter from DDNA? MESC parameters keep changing in almost every request and may play a part in MFPMISMATCH rule?




MESC parameter is part of the captured DDNA and keeps changing as it depends upon the time taken to write 1000 Bytes in memory and depending upon the CPU speed it may keep changing causing the issue.


MESC only utilizes a small portion, specifically 5%, of the total MFP parameters available in the parameter bucket. Due to this minimal value, it will not have a significant impact on the MFPMISMATCH rule. The necessary data for this parameter is stored in the ARRFBUCKETCONFIG table, and all captured data is maintained in the ARRFBUCKETELEMENTCONFIG. If you wish to deactivate this parameter, you can easily achieve it by updating the value in the ARRFBUCKETCONFIG table for the Collector Browser, specifically for the Bucketname MESC and BUCKET_WEIGHATAGE, setting it to 0. Then, you can distribute the remaining 5% among any other values from 1 to 9, excluding MESC. To maintain a total weightage of 100%, it is essential to keep BUCKET_WEIGHATAGE at 100%. By reducing the weightage of another parameter and allocating the 5% to one of the Browser parameters, you can ensure the weightage remains at 100%.