How to disable MESC parameter from DDNA?


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How to disable MESC parameter from DDNA? MESC parameters keep changing in almost every request and may play a part in MFPMISMATCH rule.


MESC parameter is part of the captured DDNA and keeps changing as it depends upon the time taken to write 1000 Bytes in memory and depending upon the CPU speed it may keep changing causing the issue.




MESC just plays 5% of the 100% MFP parameters bucket. It is not going to make a difference is MFPMISMATCH rule as the value is so less, the data is present in ARRFBUCKETCONFIG table for this and all the data we capture is maintained in ARRFBUCKETELEMENTCONFIG. If you want to disable this parameter then you can simply update the value in ARRFBUCKETCONFIG table for Collector Browser, Bucketname MESC and BUCKET_WEIGHATAGE to 0 and then add the %5 to any other than MESC from 1 to 9 values other values. We have to have BUCKET_WEIGHATAGE to 100% so if you reduce the weightage to any other and then you can add it to any of the Browser parameters so the weightage becomes 100%.