Rally - Count on tab does not match list of items
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Rally - Count on tab does not match list of items


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


As a Rally user, you find that the count on a work item tab does not match the number of items listed on that page.

You may also find that when trying to update the Schedule State of a User Story, you receive this error:
"An error occurred while saving your changes. Error setting value for field [ Schedule State ]: Could not set state for the parent object directly"


This can be caused by the following scenarios:

  • Permissions Issue.
  • Item in a Closed Project.
  • Test Cases in a child story
  • No default project configured in user profile



This example shows a parent User Story with child User Stories but this article applies to any Parent/Child relationship.

A new feature was recently added to the Quick Details Pages (QDP) which shows children in closed projects.  Please check QDP as a first step.  If that does not show the missing stories, please proceed with the steps below.

The Test Cases tab may also show a different value on the tab if there are Test Cases associated with a child user story. Please see TEC1612457 for more info.

A user may execute these steps initially but if you are unable to find the missing work items, a Sub Admin should be engaged to run the same queries with their credentials.


  1. In this example, you can see that US218 shows 4 Children on the Children's tab but only 3 are listed on the page.

  2. Looking at the Revisions tab, you can get a list of the items that should appear in the tab.  In this example, we should see 4 children; US219 - Child 1, US220 - Child 2, US221 - Child 3 and US222 - Child 4.

  3. The missing item is US221 - Child 3.
  4. If you search the entire workspace for US221, notice that it is not listed In Open Projects, In Recycle Bin but it is listed In Closed Projects.
  5. In order recover US221 - Child 3, a Subscription Admin can click on the user story and change the Project field to a Project that is open, then save the user story.