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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


Could you tell me what version of Harvest would support MyEclispse 2017??


CA Harvest SCM v13


While MyEclipse isn’t listed on the compatibility matrix, so officially “not supported”, that doesn’t mean it won’t work, only that certification testing has not been done. If you want to give the SCM Eclipse plugin a try, the way to do this is to figure out which version of Eclipse your MyEclipse 2017 is using as its base. I was able to download a trial copy, and it looks like the answer is Eclipse 4.6. Here’s how I arrived there (any Eclipse based application will work the same way): 

From the main desktop, select Help -> About from the menu: 

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On the “About” window, click on the Eclipse icon: 

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You’ll get a “Features” window. Look for the feature named “Eclipse Platform”. The version it lists there is what you’re looking for: 

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So, we’re looking for the version(s) of the Eclipse plugin compatible with Eclipse 4.6. Since SCM v13 Increment 3 is now available, they have “hidden” the compatibility matrix pages for the previous increments, but v13.0.3 is definitely compatible with Eclipse version 4.6.


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