Can we upgrade CA API Gateway 9.2 CR07 to CR09 if we have custom assertions


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


The Goal is to upgrade the CA API Gateway 9.2 CR 07 to 9.2 CR09 following the below documented process:

When one go over the below link:

It was recommended to verify that this upgrade won't break any of our custom assertions.

What one would need to do in such a case?


The environment is CA API Gateway 9.2 CR07 with custom assertions.


When upgrading between CR's - custom assertions normally do not need any change.

With regards to the specific CA API Gateway CR09:

One would need to re-test (re-compile) against the JDK 1.8.0_172 version as the Java version has changed and also some Java Security options related to this specific Java version.